Snow Fest 2018, Lake Forest 1/27/18

The Rebel Legion and 501st joined in with the annual Snow Fest held in Lake Forest, CA. Lot’s of fun photo-ops, bob-sledding and snowball fights at this event, and we loved every minute of it!


  • Natalie B. Rey
  •  Brent R. Rex
  • Jasmine P. Leia
  •  Megan N. Hazard 65 X-Wing
  • Jeff D. Solo
  • John R. Kanan
  • Jen M. Ezra


  • Jessie H. TK-10272 Stormtrooper
  • Justin R. TK-61490 Stormtrooper
  • Michael K. DS-10406 Kylo
  •  Dupree J. SL-10593 Vader
  • ony B. TX-12015 Shadow Biker

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