5th Grade Graduation Dance, Encino, FRI. 6/2/17

Event: 5th Grade Graduation Parent/Child Dance
Day/Date/Year: Friday June 2nd 2017
Call Time: 6 pm
Start & End Time Of Event: 7 – 9 pm
4241 Lanai Road
Encino 91436

Each year, the 5th graders at Lanai Road Elementary (LAUSD Public School) pick a “theme” for the school year. This year it is Star Wars. They have been divided into 2 classes (Droids and Wookies) and many activities throughout the year have been Star Wars themed. To celebrate their graduation, a parent/student dance is held in the school auditorium, which will be Star Wars themed. Our Troops made an appearance during the dance.

Point Of Contact: Keri B.

Attendees: 4
01. Peter R. TB-8542 Biker
02. Alex V. TI-62526 TIE

01. Keri B. Rey

R2 Builders:
01. Jeff McG. R2-D2

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