The Science Of Star Wars Lecture, Vista, FRI. 5/5/17

Event: The Science of Star Wars Lecture
Day/Date/Year: Friday May 5th 2017
Call Time: 7 pm
Start & End Time Of Event: 8 – 9 pm
Address: Wavelength Brewing Company
236 Main St.
Vista 92084

Wavelength Brewing Company asked our Troops to come a second year in a row. It’s a low key but definitely an event for Nerds.

Point Of Contact: Todd M. 8559

1. Stuart L. TI-42501 TIE
2. Lesley F. DZ-3774 Jawa
3. Cory R. TR-67138 Royal Guard
4. Ken S. TK-14174 Stormtrooper
5. Howard S. IC-21400 Scanning Crew
6. Marcus H. ID-2311 Officer
7. Shane H. DS-62027 Kylo
8. Mitchell B. TD-51190 Sandtrooper
9. Nicholas R. TK-4516 Stormtrooper
10. Joe N. TK-10287 Stomrtrooper
11. Danielle R. IC-84118 Bridge Crew or Wrangler
12. David H. TK-16421 Stormtrooper

1. Todd F. X-Wing
2. Todd M. Y-Wing

1. Brenda H.

1. Sean M. TK-21115 Stormtrooper

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