Autism Awareness Fest, Rancho Cucamonga, SAT. 4/8/17

Event: Autism Awareness Fest
Day/Date/Year: Saturday April 8th 2017
Call Time: 10 am
Start & End Time Of Event: 11 am - 1 pm (event runs from 11 - 3)
Address: California Mentor
9166 Anaheim Place
Rancho Cucamonga 91730

Our Troops came to support all their efforts in Autism Awareness. Smiles were brought to all families all around. Our Troops posed for many photos that day.

Point Of Contact: Jonathan K. 11606

Attendees: 14
01. Jonathan K. SL-11606 Vader
02. Teri M.TK-21129 Stormtrooper
03. Bill M. TI-38411 TIE
04. Stacie A TI-21125 TIE
05. Taylor F. ST-21808 Shorepooper
06. John P. TK-46540 Stormtrooper
07. Dawn B. DS-13377 Kylo
08. Lenny F. TK-13788 Stormtrooper
09. Arnold S. TI-42274 TIE
10. Miguel M. TI-64449 TIE
11. Trevor S. TX-9087 Shadow Biker
12. Michael C. CC-50122 Capt. Rex (1st troop)

01. Rayda S. Jedi
02. Jennifer E. Rey

01. Nicole L. 92886
02. Lori S. 6260
03. Kit S. 2384

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