Dia Del Ninos At The Zoo, Santa Barbara, SUN. 4/2/17

Event: Dia Del Ninos At The Zoo
Day/Date/Year: Sunday April 2nd 2017
Call Time: 12:30 pm
Start & End Time Of Event: 1:30 - 4:30 pm
Address: Santa Barbara Zoo
500 Ninos St.
Santa Barbara 93103

This is a popular event with children at the zoo. It featured Spanish music, a talent show, food, and our very own Troops.

Point Of Contact: Scott H. 93110

Attendees: 12
01. Scott H. TD-93110 Sandtrooper
02. Stephanie H. TB-4946 Biker
03. Katie B. TB-32479 Biker
04. Arnel I. 6479 Shoretrooper*
05. Kai K. CC-41255 Comm. Wolffe
06. Chad B TI-12121 TIE (+2)
07. Ryan J. TK-24210 Stormtrooper
08. Lisa J. TI-24211 TIE Reserve
09. Drew H. IG-4237 Gunner
10. Darien J. SL-61786 Revan (ISG)

01. Leiana F. Jedi
02. Carolina J. Bastila

01. Sandra I.
02. Jackie B. 21032

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