Community Science Night STEM, Orange, FRI. 3/24/17

Event: Community Science Night A STEM Event 2017
Day/Date/Year: Friday March 24th 2017
Call Time: 4:30 pm
Start & End Time Of Event: 5:30 – 8:30 pm
Address: Santiago Canyon College
8045 E Chapman Avenue
Orange 92869

Over 2,000 attendees which include grade school students and their families from the Orange Unified School District came for a night of hands-on activities and displays that are meant to inspire students in the sciences. The night also included a student robotics competition, a makers showcase, and our very own Troops to complete the Science theme.

Point Of Contact: Tim K. 1066

01. Lindsay L. ID-11447 Officer
02. Randy B. SL-55177 Vader
03. Jose R. TK-91673 Stormtrooper
04. Tim K. 1066 Officer or Navy
05. David S. TI-97531 TIE
06. Jose R. TK-91673 Stormtrooper
07. Jack C. TK-11037 Stormtrooper
08. Shawn C. TK-5867 Stormtrooper

01. Natalie B. Leia
02. Jennifer E. Rey
03. Jeff D. Solo
04. Kristin LD. Jedi
05. Quincy D. Hazard 29 X-Wing
06. Ohan G. Comm. Wolffe
07. Anders P. Hazard 48 X-Wing

Kid Troopers:
01. Serena D. Gonk Droid

01. Ellen B.

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