Comic Con At The Library, Anaheim, SAT. 2/18/17

Event: Anaheim Library Comic Con
Day/Date/Year: Saturday February 18th 2017
Call Time: 9 am 10 am
Start & End Time Of Event: 10 am – 3pm 11 am – 3 pm. The event goes till 6 pm
Address: Anaheim Public Library
500 West Broadway
Anaheim 92805

Our troops came to support a comic convention at the Anaheim Public Library. It came complete with booths, artists, and even author signings. Star Wars characters were a big draw.

Shirley K. 15287


01. Shirley K. ID-15278 Officer
02. Kyle R. TI-17204 TIE
03. John M. TB-69269 Biker
04. Randy B. SL-55177 Vader
05. Justin H. TB-36000 Biker
06. Richard B. TK-17695 Stormtrooper
07. Jacob G. TK-86267 Stormtrooper
08. Kerry L. SL-6233 Revan
09. Jose Z. CT-26030 Clonetrooper (1st troop)
10. Kalani P. ID-91423 Officer
11. Brian K. ST-55117 Shoretrooper
12. Sandy B. ST-55118 Shoretrooper
13. Andrew M. ID-53012 Officer
14. Jason C. BH-32571 Jango
15. Rob S. TI-5621 TIE
16. Danny A. 33833 Death Trooper*

01. Matthew T. Hazard 46 X-Wing
02. Andrew B. Comm. Fox

Galactic Academy:
01. Maddie R. CREB-1846 Sabine

01. Janice Y.
02. Michael B. 6682

Kristina G. Mon Mothma

(afternoon 12-3pm)
Lindsay L. 11447


01. Jacob G. TK-86267 Stormtrooper
02. Brian C. CC-25259 Comm. Gree
03. Torrey C. DS-77787 Seventh Sister
04. Kerry L. SL-6233 Revan
05. Jose Z. CT-26030 Clonetrooper
06. Brian K. ST-55117 Shoretrooper
07. Sandy B. ST-55118 Shoretrooper
08. Andrew M. ID-53012 Officer
09. Erik J. TK-76253 Stormtrooper
10. Rob S. TI-5621 TIE
11. Danny A. TK-3833 Stormtrooper

01. Matthew T. Hazard 46 X-Wing
02. Kalani P. Jedi
03. Andrew B. Comm. Fox

Galactic Academy:
01. Levi C. CDZ-1912 Jawa

01. Michael B. 6682
02. Lindsay L. 11447

Kristina G. Mon Mothma

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