Kingsball Rally, Rancho Cucamonga, FRI. 2/10/17

Event: Kingsball Rally
Day/Date/Year: Friday February 10th 2017
Call Time: 8 am
Start & End Time Of Event: 9 - 11:15 am
Address: Rancho Cucamonga High School
11801 Lark Dr
Rancho Cucamonga 91701

Rancho Cucamonga High School held a celebration rally to honor the 6-7 court "padawans" (princes) that the school has chosen to represent the senior class. The rallies are a big part of the school's culture and identity. This year they plan to have a large finale with the creation of their own AT-AT as well as exploding Death Star and tribute to Carrie Fisher.

Scott D. 61513

Attendees: 15

01. Dawn B. DS-13377 Kylo
02. Ian W. TK-12715 Stormtrooper
03. Sean C. TK-77779 Stormtrooper
04. Kyle P. TX-23701 Shadowtrooper
05. Christopher Q. ID-10982 Officer
06. Carlos S. CC-31170 Comm. Thorn
07. Justin H. TB-36000 Biker
08. Kyle R. TI-17204 TIE
09. John P. TK-46540 Stormtrooper
10. Denny D. TK-14303 Stormtrooper
11. Lenny F. TK-13788 Stormtrooper
12. Miguel M. TI-64449 TIE
13. Jacob G. ID-86267 Officer
14. Tony B. TX-12015 Shadow Biker

01. Jennifer E. Rey

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